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"... and I saw 7 Angels standing in the presence of God..." Apoc 8:2
"And I saw 7 Angels standing in the presence of God" Apoc VIII:2
St. Jehudiel - Praise of God

 St. Jehudiel's name means "Praise of God"


Patron of the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, annointing of the sick & dying.

St. Jehudiel carries the flaming crown of salvation, a symbol of God's mercy & the crown of the victory of grace which awaits the saints in the next life. It is also a reminder of the crown of sufferings to be endured in this life in imitation of Our Lord.


Oh holy St. Jehudiel, you are the powerful and formidable adversary of Beelzebub. Come to our aid with your legion of angels! Accompany us in the combat against the terrible attacks of hell which threaten to anihilate our Holy Mother the Church. Safeguard us at the hour of death and console us with your powerful presence. Intercede for us that we might not perish without the last sacraments and may properly prepare to stand before the terrible seat of judgement. Remove all jealousy from our hearts so that each one of us, through conformity to the Divine Will, become, like you, a living praise to the glory of God in this life and in the next. Amen


St. Jehudiel the Archangel

Picture of the statue of St. Jehudiel in the 7 Archangels Catholic church in Bavaria

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